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OpenGPT will power Decentralised Super Intelligence (DSI)

The foundation aims to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, can contribute data. This aligns with the principles of diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that the AI developed is representative of a wide range of perspectives.
Public Contribution and Access through Tokens: Introducing a token-based system for contribution and access is an innovative approach. It suggests a decentralized model where participants can earn tokens for contributing data and use these tokens to access the AI's capabilities. This could democratize AI access and encourage widespread participation.

  • Powered by Community
  • Inclusive
  • S Unbiased

OpenGPT Foundation Principals

Unbiased and Fast: The commitment to developing an AI that is unbiased and efficient is crucial. It addresses two of the major concerns in AI development: the elimination of biases in AI decision-making and the need for high-speed processing to handle large volumes of data.
Central Intelligence for Superintelligence Phase: Envisioning the AI as a central intelligence in the superintelligence phase of human evolution implies a significant role in shaping future societies. It suggests that this AI would not only be a technological tool but also a pivotal element in advancing human capabilities and understanding.
This vision paints a picture of a transformative era in AI and human collaboration, where AI acts as an augmentative force to human intelligence, shaped by and accessible to a diverse, global community

  • Anyone can contribute data
  • Anyone can contribute computing power and GPU .
  • Anyone can use OpenGPT

Decentralised Super Intelligence

The concept of the OpenGPT Foundation, indeed offers a globally unique perspective. It emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the field of artificial intelligence. By allowing people from all backgrounds to contribute data and access AI capabilities through a token-based system, the foundation sets a precedent for a more democratized and equitable approach to AI development and usage.
This perspective is globally unique because it challenges the traditional centralized models of AI development, which often limit access and contribution to a select few. Instead, it promotes a more decentralized, participatory approach. This not only broadens the range of data and perspectives feeding into AI systems, making them more representative and unbiased, but also empowers individuals worldwide to be active participants in shaping AI's future.
Furthermore, the commitment to developing AI that is both unbiased and efficient addresses critical concerns in the field. By focusing on eliminating biases and enhancing speed, the foundation is working towards AI systems that are fairer and more effective, catering to the diverse needs of a global audience.
Lastly, positioning the AI as a central intelligence in the superintelligence phase of human evolution underscores its potential to significantly impact and advance human society. This approach envisions AI not just as a technological tool, but as a key element in driving human capabilities and understanding forward, aligning with the broader goals of global progress and collaboration.

  • Historical price analysis using AI
  • Fundamental Price Analysis using AI
  • Technical Price analysis using AI

Tokenized Decentralised Intelligence

In the vanguard of the decentralized digital economy, "Tokenized Decentralized Intelligence" represents a radical shift towards collective ownership and governance of AI resources. Built on the robust Avalanche blockchain and adhering to the widely-accepted ERC20 standard, this new paradigm allows users to stake and possess the native token, OpenGPT, until the system transitions to its bespoke blockchain network. Upon this strategic migration, users will be endowed with the opportunity to swap their existing tokens for new ones, specifically designed for the network's independent operation. This ensures a smooth transition and maintains the integrity of the users’ investments. The OpenGPT token, serving as a cornerstone of this ecosystem, is more than just a digital asset; it's an entry pass to the future of AI governance, where every stakeholder has a voice in shaping the trajectory of this emergent superintelligence. The contract address, a unique identifier on the blockchain, serves as the nexus for transactions, holding, and the future exchange, marking a significant stride in the journey towards a democratized and autonomous AI future.

  • Core Knowledge Contributors will earn Token
  • GPU Contributors will earn Token
  • Use of OpenGPT will require Token

How does it work?

There are different level of contributors, Knowledge contributors, GPU Contributors, Fund Contributors

New Knowledge Contributors

Submission to OpenGPT Contributors submit their work to OpenGPT via a dedicated interface designed to facilitate the easy upload of documents and data. Precision in documentation ensures that the new knowledge is articulated in a format primed for AI consumption.In the realm of academia and research, the significance of new knowledge is often measured by its impact factor—a metric denoting influence and citation frequency in scholarly contexts. OpenGPT embraces this metric, adapting it to its token economy.

Intelligent Verification Process

Intelligent Verification Process Upon submission, OpenGPT engages in an intelligent verification process. The AI assesses the content against its existing knowledge to evaluate the novelty and scientific validity of the research process, reasoning, and experimental results presented. Once a piece of knowledge is integrated into the OpenGPT system, an algorithm continually assesses its impact factor. As the knowledge is referenced and utilized, indicating its value to the community, the system dynamically recalculates its significance.

Token Generation and Allocation

Once the AI confirms the addition of genuine new knowledge, OpenGPT triggers a smart contract. This contract autonomously mints new tokens, quantitatively aligned with the value of the contributed knowledge, and dispatches them to the contributor's digital wallet. With each increase in the impact factor, the system algorithmically mints new tokens. This mechanism operates under smart contracts designed to evaluate impact growth and authorize additional token distribution.

Enriching AI, Rewarding Innovation

As OpenGPT's content repository grows richer with novel contributions, the original creators are rewarded, effectively addressing the intellectual property (IP) ownership gap in knowledge creation. This symbiotic relationship ensures that as the AI becomes more knowledgeable, the innovators are tangibly recognized for their advancements.This progressive model nurtures a culture of continuous innovation and contribution. It incentivizes Core Knowledge Contributors to not only share new insights but also to ensure their work is of the highest caliber, fostering a virtuous cycle of knowledge creation and dissemination within the OpenGPT ecosystem.

Continuous Engagement and IP Protection

This model encourages ongoing participation from contributors who continually push the boundaries of knowledge. It also ensures that contributors retain the IP rights to their work, receiving due compensation for their innovations through a tokenized economy. This system heralds a new era in AI knowledge bases, one that is dynamic and self-enriching, continually evolving through the valuable input of Core Knowledge Contributors. It fosters a mutually beneficial environment where every new piece of knowledge not only advances AI capabilities but also rewards the intellect and effort of the human minds behind it. Through this, OpenGPT paves the way for a future where AI and human intelligence grow in unison, each amplifying the other.

Continuous Loyalty Rewards

Continuous Loyalty Rewards: The original contributor, whose intellectual property continues to ripple through the AI’s knowledge pool, receives these newly minted tokens directly in their digital wallet. This process establishes a perpetual loyalty reward system, recognizing the sustained contribution over time. Transparent and Fair Compensation: Through this transparent mechanism, contributors are fairly compensated not just for the act of sharing knowledge, but also for the lasting resonance of their work. The more impactful the knowledge, the greater the reward, ensuring that contributors are continually incentivized to share high-quality, impactful insights.

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