Tokenizing Innovation

Innovation Network is aiming to be the marketplace to tokenize and list innovation-related projects, and it's aiming to disrupt crowdfunding space by introducing its Blockchain driven Innovation Exchange Platform (IXP) on top of the revolutionary Utility and Security based Tokenizer Engine.

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Payment Methods

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Litecoin

  • US Dollar


Innovation Exchange Platform (IXP)

IXP is state of the art Token Exchange Platform based on cutting-edge Blockchain based technology. IXP will create a marketplace that innovators can tokenize their innovations and investors can buy into their tokens and benefit from their growth.

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INVO Token

INVO token will be the ERC20 based utility token that circulates between Innovators and Investors. Holding and trading INVO token will be rewarding for investors due to the Utility that INVO has. To Tokenize Startup, Patent or Asset, Issuers must buy INVO, To list ICO tokens in IXP platform, ICO and STO's owners need to buy the required number of INVO tokens and use it to pay the Token Assessment Fees as well as their Token Listing Fees. INVO Token holders also get a rebate from IXP transaction fees, For more information, please refer to our whitepaper.

Tokenize Your Startup Tokenize Your Patent

Tokenizer engine is a smart contract driven engine that allows innovators to tokenize their Ideas, Research Projects, Patents, Art, Startups. It also provides asset owners to tokenize their assets and issue a token that represents fractional value into their assets. These tokens could be listed in IXP (Subject to Security Law in Asset Jurisdictions) and enable crowd to buy and keep them as a representation of a share or equity or interest in the asset. Listing asset tokens will be limited to the security token law of the asset or token buyer or seller jurisdictions and it won't be available until we have obtained the required security licenses and its subjective to authorities of the asset owner and fractional unit owner, To be informed about further development on this area, please join our telegram community or to figure out about detail of the process, please click on the button below to see an example of real estate tokenization process.

Tokenize Your Art Tokenize Your Real Estate Asset

Startup and Innovation Economy 2.0

Investing early on startups can be risky and also highly rewarding,Through IXP platform, Startups can raise capital for their innovations easily in the shortest possible way, Our INVO token holders only can invest in early stage great startups and benefit from their ambitious and aggressive growth.

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Disrupting Innovation Venture Capitalisation

IXP will allow any individual to invest directly into any innovation without being limited to the geo-boundary or country of origin. We believe innovation is the most powerful outcome of the human brain and it will evolve societies and change the world as it has always been. Creating potential for anyone to invest into any innovation is a unique value proposition that we are offering through IXP. Crowd capital will allow innovation growth to unlock from sources like VC, GOV, Military driven research budget and will introduce a new source of funds to the innovation space. It will eventually shift innovation toward what society wants and willing to invest on for the benefit of the crowd.

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Expanding the concept of Fractional Ownership for assets

Through our platform, Assets like Real Estates, Arts, Patents can be tokenized. This enables 240 Trillion real estate markets to be offered to investors in a different way that they currently own an asset, and We are still at R&D process with enabling fractional ownership and aligning with required security licenses for each jurisdiction. IXP is aiming to be the marketplace where people can buy into a fraction of any assets, and INVO token will utilize this operation by listing those assets in IXP platform, Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming development on this concept.

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Our Roadmap

IXP will evolve through several milestones to position itself as a global exchange for tokenizing innovations arising from Universities, Startups, and accelerators, IXP will be a marketplace where everyone can buy and sell into innovations and invest in early-stage startups.


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You have an excellent chance to be an early adaptor of the INVO and be part of the global investor of the innovation network

Designed based on state of the art Blockchain technology.

Backed by a highly reputable team of experienced blockchain consultants and engineers from global firms and top universities, IXP is going to disrupt the way innovation evolves.

  • Blockchain based Tokenization Engine
  • Real Time Smart Contracts
  • Crypto Exchange with high liquidity
  • Global Coverage
  • State of the art trading platform
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Questions and Answers

Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

What exactly is INVO token?

INVO Token is an ERC20 token that works as utiliser for IXP, INVO Token is required for listing ICO's and STO's in IXP and INVO token owners will be rewarded from rebates which are driven by IXP transaction fees and listing fees.

What can I do with INVO token

INVO token is a utility token, If you want to tokenize or list your IP, Asset, ART or Startup in IXP Platform, then you need to have INVO to do it, If you're going to list your ICO, you need INVO and IXP will deliver quarterly rebate as part of IXP transaction revenue to the INVO holders, for more information, please read the whitepaper.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a crypto currency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralised digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator.

What is Blockchain?

A Blockchain is the underlying technology of the cryptocurrency. A Blockchain is a continuously growing list of records called blocks that are linked and secured using cryptography. The blockchain is the value store and kind of a shared database with multiple nodes, documents can't be changed and thus immutable to change, and it is highly secure and also transparent.

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital value store which is been accepted in by two parties. It is in the form of a hash code generated and secured by computing powers.

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